The students of 4fal gave little sneak peaks into New York’s biggest happenings and sights, in the form of creative mini presentations.

On the 3rd of November 2022, six groups of 3-4 children each presented six different themes about New York which took a lot of team spirit.

We were given about two weeks to write our presentations and even had the opportunity to work on our posters in class, so that we were able to finish in time. There were six topics to choose from: 9/11, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. The idea was to present all of them at the same time and you could go from one presentation to another and listen to them.

We began with working on an overview for every topic. Then our group split up to do some research. Later that day we made a word document of all our results which included: a complete text in full sentences about every information we had found about the themes, the time it would take to read the text out loud – so the presentation wouldn’t be too long – and the keywords for us to later copy onto our cheat sheets. To work on the poster, we had video calls to make sure everything was how it was supposed to be. Finally, we printed out our cheat sheets and started practising the text.

The results of the presentations were highly informative and there were a lot of facts that made me think. Like for example: Did you know that on 9/11 not only the twin towers were destroyed? Or that Central Park is as big as sixteen billion New York apartments? Below there are some photos of our posters that were very creative and helped us to understand these topics better. We had a lot of fun and hope to do it again.



Fotos: Teresa Wutzl